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India is topmost country which provides largest number of livelihood in the world. Agricultural science is the study of agriculture. Agriculture is the simplest form of the nature’s food. The natural food is provided by plants on earth. These plants takes sun-light and convert it into sugars which provide foods for plants. This process is known as photosynthesis.

Agriculture is concerned with the term which is used for growing of crops and for raising livestock for human. Every year, government of India announced some plans and policies for farmers for increasing their crops.

Types of Agriculture:

There are two types of agriculture which are as follows:

Industrialized agriculture

In this type of agriculture, most of the work is done by the machines. Croping is done by using machines rather than by farmers and animals. This is done by larger machines which are more powerful and work harder within limited times. Industrial agriculture is used for increasing crops. Sometimes it is done by using chemical products like pesticides also. Pesticides is used for killing mosquitoes and pests which are very harmful for crops.

Subsistence Agriculture

Subsistence agriculture is totally opposite from industrialized agriculture. This is another type of agriculture scheme which is regularly practiced. In subsistence agriculture, a farmer lives on land and doing work for enough food for his family. Croping is done without using machines and without chemical products. The main objective of this agriculture is to produce enough food for survival for his family.


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