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Central Excise Rules


Central Excise Rules are defined sometimes as several duties.. Under these rules, manufacturers need to be registered and this registration will be valid as they continue manufacturing the excisable goods. There's no renewals required of the registration.

Liability for Central Excise rules

  • Excisable Goods: The items should not be good, it should also be excisable goods.
  • The Goods must be manufactured or produced
  • The liability to pay central excise duty to arise the goods and services must be produced in India.

Central Excise rules which are already issued in India are:

  • Central Excise Rules, 2008 (Determination of Retail Sale Price of Excisable Goods)
  • Central Excise Rules, 2007 (Settlement of Cases)
  • Central Excise Rules, 2005 (Compounding of Offences)
  • Central Excise Rules, 2005 (Removal of Difficulties)
  • Cenvat Credit Rules, 2004
  • Central Excise Rules, 2002
  • Central Excise rules, 2002 (Advance Rulings)
  • Central Excise Rules, 2001 (Appeals)
  • Central Excise Valuation Rules, 2000 (Determination of Price of Excisable Goods)
  • Customs and Central Excise Duties and Service Tax Drawback Rules,1995
  • Consumer Welfare Fund Rules, 1992


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