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Communication & IT

Communication plays a very important role in international trades.communication is needed to staisfy for both importers and exporters in business to extablish credibility and goodwill. Communication and Information Technology (IT) is the fastest growing segment of the Indian Industry both in terms of production and export. Today, the electronics industry is completely de-licensed with the exception of aerospace and defence electronics. Along with the liberalization in foreign investment and export-import policies of the entire economy, this sector is attracting considerable interest not only as a vast market but also as a potential production base by/for international companies.

Currently, 'Software Development and IT Enabled Services' have emerged as a nice opportunity for India in the global context. The Government of India is taking all necessary steps to make India, a global information technology superpower and a front-runner in the age of information revolution. The Government has announced some policies and plans for Information Technology as one of the top five priorities of the country and has constituted a National Task Force on Information Technology and Software Development.


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