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Country Code

Country codes are used for data processing and communications. Without using Country codes we cannot communicate with other countries. Country code refers to international dialing codes. International Codes was published by ISO(International Standard Organization). These codes are used to represent the name of countries. Country Codes are most important part for dialing a telephone number from another country. The prefix must be specific to the country and sometimes the telephone network, from which the caller is dialing. International telephone numbers are indicated by a prefix plus sign(+), which means to indicate that the subscriber must dial the international dialing prefix in the country from which the call is placed.


Country Code

ISO Codes

Angola 244 AO/ACO
Argentina 54 AR/ARC
India 91 IN / IND
Belize 501 BZ/BLZ
Brazil 55 BR/BRA
Canada 1 CA/CAN
China 86 CN/CHN
Denmark 45 DK/DNK
Egypt 20 EG / EGY
France 33 FRA
Germany 49 DE / DEU
Hong Kong 852 HK / HKG
Japan 81 JP / JPN
Kenya 254 KE / KEN
Liberia 231 LR / LBR
Malaysia 60 MY / MYS
Mauritius 230 MU / MUS


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