Currency Converter

Currency Converter is a calculator or a software or a tool that converts quantity or value of one currency into the relative quantities or values of other currencies to check its corresponding value such as dollars to euros. It is an electronic program that allows for the quick conversion of currencies. Converters use the most recent prices to convert in the foreign exchange market. When currency converters use online it is usually free of charge. It stores the most recent market valuations of the world’s currencies which allows individuals to compare the value of one currency against those of others in the database. The daily exchanges of currency between the U.S. and other nations have a major effect on international trade.

How Currency Converter Work?

To convert one currency to another, a user must have to enter an amount of money and choose the currency in which he/she wishes to check the monetary value (e.g. ‘United States Dollar’). After that he/she selects one, from several other currencies, he/she would like to see the result in. The Currency converter tool then displays the corresponding amount of money. The values of the different currencies determined based on demand or supply of dealing prices between international banks.


This tool usually displays a value that is not biased towards buying or selling. This is useful for:

  • Estimating the value of goods or services.
  • Invoicing and basic accounting
  • Reports and preparing financial plans

Currency Conversion can also be determined by contacting a local bank and asking for exchange rates. Main aim for this currency converter is to maintain real-time information on current market or bank exchange rates, So it will be helpful to calculate changes of the result whenever the value of either of the component currencies does. It can be done by connecting to a database of current currency exchange rates. Yahoo currency converter can be used to find the value of any country’s currency and to compare the currencies of other countries. The frequency at which currency converters update the exchange rates they use varies: Yahoo currency converter updates its rates evday.

Currency Converter affecting factors

The value of currency always fluctuates and affecting by different factors including:

  • Imports, Exports value of the nation.
  • Natural disasters.
  • Public debates of one country with another country.
  • Regulatory policies of central bank of a country.
  • Relative political stability of the country.