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Export Controls


Export Controls means to give the security of a nation by not export sensitive equipment, software and technology. Export Controls is concerned, which goods are controlled and how to get license for them. The list of items includes radio active sources and tortue goods.

Issues in Export Controls

A huge range of products are designed for military purposes. Some of them are controlled under a license Export Control Organisation (ECO), which is a part of business. ECO also regulates the export of certain dual-use goods - commercial items that have the potential to be used for military purposes or terrorism.
These include:

  • Information security products like encryption software.
  • Telecommunications industries or aviation components.
  • Radioactive materials.
  • Certain chemicals


If we are exporting some items, then we will need a licence which will issued by Export Control Organisation (ECO) Whether a licence is required depends on various factors,
For example whether the items are:

  • Subject to End-Use Controls
  • Subject to arms embargoes
  • Listed on the UK Strategic Export Control Lists


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