Export inspection agency

Role of export inspection council in various shipment process.

export inspection agency


Export Inspection Agency issues a certificate of inspection, certifying that the consignment has been inspected as required under the Export or Quality Control and Inspection Act, 1963. Export Inspection Agency is controlled by Export Inspection Council (EIC). Under export promotion council, there are around 40 sub offices which are actively involved in quality control, shipment inspection and certification with many laboratories countrywide. These offices are engaged in consignment-wise inspection, self-certification scheme and in-process quality control. All the inspection and certification activities are carried out through the export inspection agency following either a consignment-wise inspection or a system approach to include In-process Quality Control (IPQC), Self-Certification and Food Safety Management Systems based Certification (PSMSC). There are two types of certificates of origin in India- one that is issued by chamber of commerce and second origin is issued by Export Inspection Agency. Some of the importing countries custom insist either of them to certify the country of origin of goods. Basically, Export Inspection Council promotes manufacturer exporters to implement best quality management system to produce a consistent quality product to meet buyer’s specification to gain confidence of the buyer. For example, if you want to export hot rolled steel coil from india, you must get export inspection done and thus, must acquire a certificate of inspection.

Services by Export Inspection Agency

Recognition of Inspection Agencies as per ISO 17025 and laboratories as per ISO 17020 and utilizing them for testing and export inspection. Export Inspection Agency are backed by qualified technical manpower, having nearly forty years experience of quality control and inspection of notified commodities including their testing as per international standards or the foreign buyers specifications.

Generalized System of Preference (GSP)

GSP is a certificate of origin which is issued by Export Inspection Agency. Export Inspection agency has offices in all major cities to serve exporters in maintaining best quality to meet all the specification and requirements of buyer to have best quality management system for exporters. To obtain certificate of origin for GSP, a person need to apply with export inspection agency, before physical movement of goods as per their specified request form along with copy of commercial invoice duly signed by the authorized signatory. After verifying and collecting necessary charges, export inspection agency certifies the document and issues GSP certificate of origin along with attested copy of commercial invoices. GSP certificate can be obtained by filling online or may be find electronically. Once after filing electronically, the required hard copies of documents can be submitted with respective offices of export inspection council and obtain GSP certificate after paying necessary charges.

Export Inspection council renders services either directly or by the Export Promotion council in the areas of:

  • Certification of quality of food items for export through installation of Food Safety Management Systems in the food processing units as per international standards.
  • Issue of different types of Certificates such as Health, Authenticity etc. to exporters under various product schemes for export.
  • Laboratory testing services.
  • Issue of Certificates of Origin to exporters under various preferential tariff schemes for export products.
  • Certification of quality of export commodities through installation of quality assurance systems (In-process Quality Control and Self-Certification) in the exporting units as well as consignment-wise inspection.
  • Recognition of Inspection Agencies as per ISO 17020 and Laboratories as per ISO 17025 and utilizing them for export inspection and testing.
  • In rendering the above services, EIAs are backed by qualified technical manpower, having nearly forty years of diversified experience of quality control and inspection of notified commodities including their testing as per international standards/importing countries’ standards or the foreign buyers’ specifications.
  • Training and technical assistance to the industry in installation of Quality and Safety Management Systems.
  • If you want any information related to export inspection agency, regarding to offices in various cities such as ( Delhi, Kochi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai) and their regions such as (Andhra pradesh, Gujarat, Goa, Punjab, Tripura etc.) visit the link: Country Offices

Export Inspection Agency Recruitment

The recruitment for “Technical Officer”, “Laboratory Attendant” and “Assistant Director-Technical” is recommended by Staff Selection Commission (SSC) on different dates.

Export Inspection Agencies

There are various inspection agencies according to a specified product like Iron Ore, Bauxite, Manganese Ore and chrome ore etc. You can find complete details of these agencies with name and contact details by visiting this link: Agencies.

Export Inspection Agency Registration

There is an online process for registration in Export inspection agency. In online process a person can registered after following some terms and conditions. You can find it by visiting:Registration After complete registration you will be able to direct login for Export Inspection Agency.