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Handbook of Procedure


Handbook of Procedure contains all the rules and regulations for a policy. Sometimes it is known as documentation of a policy. It is issued by Directorate Feneral of Foreign Trade(DGFT). Handbook of Procedure is a book which contains all the necessary informations like rules and regulations of Foreign Trade Policy.If any change occur between 5 years of a policy then all the changes and modifications are carried out by notifications.

Handbook of Procedures – Vol. 1 (HB-1)

The (HB-1) includes information regarding licensing authorities, export promotion counsils and information regarding licences.

Handbook of Procedures – Vol. 1 (HB-2)

The Handbook of Procedures-Vol. 2(HB-2) contains all the information of standard Input-Output Norms(SION). SION is changed periodically after sometime.
Currently it covers the following categories:

  • Sports Goods
  • Miscellaneous Products
  • Plastic Products
  • Food Products
  • Marine Products
  • Textile Products


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