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Basic starter Import/Export Guide

Basic steps involved in Import-Export transactions are:

  • The first step to start a business,Importer-Exporters need to apply for getting Importer-Exporter code (IEC)Number to the Director General of Foreign Trade(DGFT).
  • The next step of Exporter is to registered with sales tax office and even Export Credit Guarantee Corporation in order to obtain various permissible given by the government.
  • For producing orders, an exporter sends a sample, if required. And an Importer sends a purchase order once both exporter and importer have agreed upon terms and conditions of the contract like pricing, documents etc.
  • With exporter order in hand, the exporter starts manufacturing goods or buying them from other manufacturers.
  • Now Exporter makes arrangements for quality control for his goods and obtains a certificate confirming the quality of goods from inspector of quality control.
  • Exportables are then dispatched to port/airports for transit.
  • Once the goods are loaded into the ship, a receipt is issued to the captain of the port
  • Now the exporter sends a set of documents to the importers like stating the date of shipment, name of vessel etc.
  • At last step, exporter bank sends these documents to the Importer's bank which should make the payment on of before the due date.


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