Export Management

Export management is the application of managing export marketing activity efficiently, smoothly and in an orderly manner or we can say that it is the process to bring about coordination and integration of all those involved in an export business. It is concerned with securing export orders and achieving their completion in time as per the requirement specified by the foreign buyers.

The heart of each business is marketing, so export management can be termed as export marketing management. Because it needs to be managed efficiently so that export should increase and exporter should get more profit and importers should get more satisfaction.

Export Management at the national level

  • For earning foreign exchange
  • Balance of payments
  • For improving international relations
  • Increasing economic growth
  • Research and development
  • Reputation in the world

Export Management at the national level

  • For obtaining higher profits
  • Export obligation
  • Imports are liberalized
  • Government Incentives

The main objectives of export management is to

(i) Safe and secure export orders

(ii) And to ensure timely shipment of goods as per prescribed requirements of quality and other specifications including terms and conditions agree between the export and the importer.

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