Federation of Indian Exports Organizations

The Federation of Indian Exports (FIEO), is a non-profit organizations set up by ministry of commerce, Government of India and private trade in 1965, to focus the efforts of all organizations in the country engaged in export promotion. It represents the spirit of enterprise in the global market.

FIEO plays a role of key player in the promotion of trade, investment and collaboration. It provides direction and trust to India’s expanding international trade. It represents the interest of professional government recognized exporting firms, service exporters, training institute etc. The members of FIEO represents large, medium and small scale exporting units to contribute more around 70% global exports of our country.

Businessmen who are dealing with multi products, FIEO provides a unique platform for those persons. The membership of FIEO offered to exporters dealing in various goods and services and nearly all the products fall under its gamut. It is like a body authorized in India to register exporters not covered under any promotion council of India. FIEO is in continuous rising in membership because it provides customer oriented approach, confidence and satisfaction of the business community.

It also works as a partner of the government of India for providing inputs on various trade policies and also behaves as a mediator between the government and the industry. It takes up various problems and issues to provide a domestic atmosphere, organizes international activities to give its members a global reach and their related solutions. FIEO provides a single platform organization for any, buyer, supplier and foreign investor for a trade partner in India.