Export products from India

Indian Exporters providing a list of products of numerous qualities. There is a complete list in directories which helps in searching for the companies for different companies based on the product categories. This will helps you to find out the product exporters of your choice.

List of products which are exported from India is given below:

Chemical and allied products: During 2005-2006, production of India was US$30.59. Growing at an average rate of 12.5%. The industry presently produces 70,000 commercial products, which range from toiletries and cosmetics.

These are some Chemical and Allied products which are given below:

  • Organic Chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Miscellaneous Chemical Products
  • Fertilizers
  • Artificial waxes, soap, prepared waxes, washing preparations

Metals and Minerals: India is the largest producer of mica blocks and mica splitting. And India is third producer for coal, lignite and barites in all over the world. For chromate producers India is on rank third in all over the world.

These are some agricultural products which are given below:

  • Articles of Iron or steel.
  • Ores, slag and ash.
  • Aluminum and articles thereof.
  • Iron and Steel.
  • Copper and articles thereof.

Textiles and allied products: Currently export of textiles in India is 3.5-4%. And export of clothes is 3%. Major export country in world is Europe for 22% in textiles and 43% in apparel. US is the single largest buyer with 10% share in textiles and 32.65 % share in apparel. India is the largest livestock holding country for leather products have 21% large animals and 11% small animals. Annual production of India is over US $4billion. And annual export value is over US $2billion.

Handicrafts: India is the one of the largest exporter of handicrafts. The production of handicrafts US $13.5billion. It is supported by Government policies and the banking sector. It is the second largest employment-generating sector after agriculture.

These are some agricultural products which are given below:

  • Handicrafts and Gifts
  • Precious or semiprecious stones
  • Natural or cultured pearls

Capital goods: India also exports some capital goods products like mechanical, electrical in countries. These products are given below:

  • Vehicles other than railway or tramway rolling stock and parts and accessories thereof.
  • Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances.
  • Electrical products like machinery and equipment, sound recorders, television image and reproducers and parts.

Agricultural Products: The total turnover of Indian food market is approximately US $69.4 billion. Accounts for employs around 65% of the population. Currently India is the second largest rice producer after China and third largest net-exporter after Thailand and Vietnam.

These are some agricultural products which are given below:

  • Rubber and articles thereof.
  • Coffee, Tea and spices.
  • Tobacco and manufactured tobacco substitutes.
  • Sugar and sugar confectionery.
  • Cereals.

Fish, Dairy and Animal Products: India is one of the main country which exports Fish, Dairy and animal products in large amount in all over the world.

These are some animal, fish and dairy products which are given below:

  • Meat and Edible Meat
  • Animal or vegetable fats and oils
  • Raw hides and skins
  • Dairy products like bird’s eggs; natural honey