Major Exports of India

In 2001-02 Asia's share stood at 40.2% but in 2011-12 it grew to to 51.6%. Asia is a key destination of India's exports. However, Europe has seen a decline in its share, down to 19% in 2011-12 from 24.8% in 2001-02.

In 2012, India's key exports were petroleum products which generated $56bn; followed by gems and jewelry with $47bn. Pharm products, transport equipment, machinery and readymade garments are also big exports for India.

In 2012, United Arab Emirates (UAE) was India's biggest export market, closely followed by the USA. The latest data available from the Indian Government's covering April-September 2012, shows the US to have slightly overtaken the UAE. Explore the graphic above to see India's imports and exports by value and year. The UK is the eighth biggest export market for India and held 2.9% of the market share in April-September 2012.

Major Products exports from India are ready made garments and textiles, engineering products like bicycles and diesel engines, hand tools and automotive components etc., and allied and chemical items like fine chemicals, dye and dye intermediates, tubes and tiers, rubber gloves. Besides from these products, India also exports handicrafts items, sports goods, electronic items, jute, shellac, tea and spices to Latin America.

The most popular products which are exported from India are:

Textile Goods

The huge demand of ladies and gents garments manufactured by the big houses in India have created demand in the international garment industry. These garments products includes shirts, t-shirts, trousers, ethnic wears, silk sarees and knitted garments. These products are manufactured and exported from zones of India like Tripura, Bellary, Surat, Kancheepuram etc.

Medical Appliances

The major medical products exported from India include sterile gloves, crepe bandages and surgical disposables and appliances such as baby incubator, automatic vertical autoclave and digital imaging software’s. Medical appliances of India have made their mark in the foreign countries on account of superior quality and variety.

Leather Goods

India is the largest exporter in all over the world for leather products. It exports various leather products like leather wallets, belts, key holders, folders, pouches, leather toys, handbags etc. The gift items made of leather which is very popular in foreign countries such as Leather note books, decorated leather journals, key rings, rugs.

Industrial Machinery

In various Industries machines are used in manufacturing process such as chemicals, food processing, textile processing etc. Indian machine manufacturing industry has grown in leaps and bounds and ranks very high among the major export products of India.