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Import and Export are basic terms of trade businesses.The term export comes from the Latin words ex and portare. Import and Export played a very important role in Global trade as well. International trade of a country consists of both importing and exporting goods and services.The balance of trade is equals to the difference between the amount exported and the amount imported.

Balance of Trade represents a difference in value for import and export for a country. When imports are large as compared to export, trade deficit occurs. Imports are impacted principally by a country's income and productive resources.

For starting a business, we don't have need previous experience in this field. It's just requires constant attention to little details for fulfilling a successful import/export business.It only requires little financial investment to start, but it offers the prestige of working with clients from all over the world. We have to create solid contacts and strong relationships with reliable suppliers. for making our business completely successful.

  • Exporting is concerned with the way of producing goods and services in one country and trading or selling them to other country. The goods which can find foreign markets are exports.
  • Importing is concerned with the quality of product that means what the product is and what type of services it contains. We cannot directly import a product to the country. firstly, we have to communicate with customs agency for licencing and logistics issues. This communication is done by a mediator known as customs brokers.


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