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India Bangladesh Free Trade Agreement


The Government of Bangladesh and the Government of India reffered to as the "contracting parties". For expanding economic growth between the two countries depends on quality and mutual benefit. Both Government should agree to take appropriate measures in the evolving trading system for mutual benefits. These two Governments should also agree to the expansion for the mutual trade that would make an important contribution towards their development.
This Agreement came into force on the 1st April, 2006. This agreement time period is for three years. It may be extended, if certain modifications occurs. This agreement done in New Delhi, on the 21st March, 2006, in two original copies,each in Hindi, Bangla and English.


The main objectives of this agreement is to:

  • Take the commerce of the country of the each Government, to the other government, so that no treatment less than that accorded to the commerce of any third country.
  • Privileges which are or may be granted by either of the two Governments in order to facilitate frontier trade by separate agreement
  • Take privileges which may or may not be granted by either of the respective neighbouring countries


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