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Indian Embassy


An embassy is a term refers a mission that is permanent in a country. The person who takes up the responsibility of running the mission is the ambassador of that country. Indian Embassy acts as a legal links between countries of the world to increase the economic conditions to bringing out important developments.

It works as a source of goodwill to the Commonwealth countries and a common platform for sharing of opinions and carrying out goodwill projects to benefit the citizens of all the countries in the world.

Relationship between states

Indian Embassy and the countries which have their own embassies share a diplomatic relationship with commonwealth Countries that do not have their own embassy. Friendly relationships between the two States are maintained through the period of developing the scientific, economic and cultural relations between States. The whole functioning of the Indian Embassy is based on these principles wherein the Indian Government sends and receives details on the development of the country and the welfare of its citizens.

Roles of Embassies and Ambassador in a Country

The role of the Indian Embassy is meaningful on all countries in the world with legal and diplomatic laws that are followed in every country by its efficient and dynamic ambassadors of India.


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