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Industrial Strategy


Industrial Strategy is concerned with investment in business. Industrial strategy is a long-term approach which supports economic growth. Our aim is to create skilled jobs and more opportunitiesto make the India more competitive so that it can compete with rising economics.
Industrial Strategy stands with 5 factors which are explained as follows:-

  • Emerging technologies which supports long-term partnerships.
  • To work mainly with all the sectors and strategic partnerships where we can focus on the growth.
  • Access to Finance should be improved for businesses.

Issues in Industrial Strategy

The main issue in industrial strategy is economic growth. Economy means increasing in both competition and opportunities from Global market. If we are developing an industrial strategy, so first we have to setting up a long-term plan which give confidence for investment and growth.


We will need to:

  • Use developing skills that a business will need.
  • Use emerging technologies which supports our business completely.
  • access finance for businesses for improvement.
  • publish government contracts to provide confidence to business investment.


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