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Preliminary Actions

Market Research and Survey

Before deciding the commodities and products to import importers should conduct some research and analysis. Conducting proper market research and surveys comes very first in the list of activities for importers. Knowing which products are currently in demand in the domestic market is something very important for an importer. They should also consider the future possibilities of raise in the demand of different products which could include finished goods for the end user or secondary market, or raw materials for other industries. Competitive analysis and future prospects are important parts of these research.


Importers need to register with the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) for gaining IEC Code (importer exporter code) number which is required to carry out the import of goods and services. This IEC code is a 10 digit number issued by DGFT to Indian businesses and organisations.

Import of Samples

To know the characteristics and usage of a product and to assess the marketability of same in the domestic market, Importers need to import the commercial samples of goods. These kind of import is free of charge. Importers mostly import bona fide trade samples before the conducting the main import. Although there are many items which samples are prohibited to import.


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