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Service Tax


Service Tax came into 1994 by Government of India and was introduced by Finance Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. Service Tax is a tax which is provided by the service provider. That's why Service Tax is known as Indirect Tax because it is not directly paid to the government.It is payable to the Government of India. Like some duties which is payable on goods which are manufactured, Similarly Service Tax is Payable on which kind of service provided. It works according to the rules which are formed by Government of India. That means Service Tax shall be paid before the due date which is mention by the central Government, otherwise interest shall also be payable.

Types of Taxes

There are various kinds of taxes which is found in our nation. These taxes can be either direct or Indirect. Following are some major types of taxes which are categorized below:-

Direct Taxes

This kind of tax is directly paid to the State Government of a nation. This type of taxes reflects a healthy economical growth of a nation. Some of direct taxes are categorized below:-

  • Personnel Income Tax
  • Corporate tax
  • Securities Transaction Tax
  • Banking Cash Transaction Tax

Indirect Taxes

Indirect Taxes are totally opposite to the direct taxes. This type of taxes are not directly paid to the state government of nation. Indirect Taxes are include some laws and regulations which are connected to each other. These taxes include some rules which are applicable to some of the states of the country. Some of Indirect taxes are categorized below:-

  • Service Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • Excise Duty
  • Custom Duty


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