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Trends in India's Foreign Trade

India’s Trade Performance

Trade performance of a country is concerned with the balance of trade. The balance of trade is equals to the difference between the amount exported and the amount imported. India’s merchandise exports reached a level of US $ 312.61 billion during 2013-14 registering a growth of 4.06 percent as compared to a negative growth of 1.82 percent during the previous year.


Exporting is concerned with the way of producing goods and services in one country and trading or selling them to other country. The goods which can find foreign markets are exports. Exports recorded a growth of 4.06 per cent during Apr-Mar 2013-14. The Government had set an export target of US $ 325 billion for 2013-14. The merchandise exports have reached US $ 312.61 billion in 2013- 14.


Importing is concerned with the quality of product that means what the product is and what type of services it contains.Cumulative value of imports during 2013-14 was US $ 450.07 billion as against US $490.74billion during the corresponding period of the previous year registering a negative growth of 8.29 per cent in $ terms.


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