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The following page displays suppliers in India for Electronics & Electrical. Connect2India filters Indian suppliers on the basis of their products, city, year and other available parameters. You can Find Indian suppliers via our search page. Electronics & Electrical and can further be categorized into different subcategories like Diodes & Electronic Active Devices , Indoor Lights & Lighting Accessories , Light Bulb, Lamp & Lighting Fixtures , CCTV, Surveillance Systems and Parts , Decorative Light, Lamp & Lamp Shades etc. Browse the page below to know about all the categories inside Electronics & Electrical and the products that falls within their respective categories.

Electronics & Electrical categories


Electronics and Electrical Industry in India

The growth and demand for electronics and electrical products in India have been breathtaking! With the electronics production of India is estimated around Rs. 4.58 trillion in 2018-2019, it would not be an overstatement to say that Indian electronics and electrical industry is one of the most recognized industries in today’s scenario. And the market is expected to grow even more with rapid technological advancement and digital upsurge, happening in India.

With the annual sector growth of 26%, the electronics and electrical industry is one of the most recognized markets in India. Despite the issue with higher-import in the industry, various initiatives and policy changes by the Indian government is making the industry stronger.

Indian Manufacturers of Electronics and Electrical Industry

As per the NPE (National Policy on Electronics) 2019, launched in February 2019 by the government of India, the target turnover is $400 billion from domestic manufacturing by 2025. IEEMA (Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers’ Association) is a nationwide delegate organization of the manufacturers of allied equipment, industrial electronics, and electrical products in India.

Top Categories of Electronics and Electrical Industry in India

The Electrical and Electronics Industry in India has a number of categories with different sets of suppliers.

  • Mobile Phone and Accessories
    An important part of the Electronics and Electrical industry, mobile phone and accessories consist of different products like mobile phones, headphones, tablet covers, mobile covers, compact flash memory, etc. A number of Indian suppliers offer these products.

  • Office Automation Products and Devices
    Different office automation products and devices, which are utilized mainly in offices and organizations, can be found in this category. Products like Xerox Machines, Printers, Electronic Copyboards, Barcode readers, etc. fall under this category.

  • Camera and Photography Equipment
    One of the most popular products of electronics and electrical market in India, the products in this category include high-resolution cameras, camera accessories, photography lenses, camera flash, camera cage, and many more.

  • Freezers, Refrigerators & Chillers
    With a humongous demand in the market, Indian electronics and electrical market hugely rely on the products within this category. Products like refrigerator, refrigerator boxes, glass top chest, etc. that are manufactured and sold in a large quantity come under this category.

  • Batteries & Charge Storage Devices
    An important part of electronics and electrical market in India, the batteries & charge storage device has a range of products such as power stack, battery isolator, inverter batteries, rechargeable battery charger, and many more that are sold in great numbers!

  • LED, LCD, Smart TV and Home Theatre
    Along with the increasing lavishness of the lifestyle and technological adoption, the LED, LCD, Smart TV and Home Theatre are being sold in a great number which is strengthening the electrical and electronics industry in India.

  • Electric Motors and Components
    The electric motors and components are sold in large numbers on a daily basis in India. This includes external rotor motors, cooler motors, three-phase motors, and energy-efficient motors to name a few.

  • Electrical Cables & Wires
    Cable jointing kits, plastic-coated cables, snake cable, halogen-free cable, uninyvin cables are some of the products under this category which have a rapid sale in India and which is a vital part of electronics and electrical market in India.

  • Domestic Fans, AC & Coolers
    One of the most popular categories in Indian electronics and electrical industry, domestic fans, AC, and Coolers have some of the top-selling products like Usha Ceiling Fans, Fiber Cooler, Godrej Window Air Conditioner, Wall Mounted AC, etc.

  • Generators, Turbines & Power Plants
    The Indian Electrical and Electronics Industry has a sector dedicated to the generators, turbines and power plants where Diesel Generator Parts, Jackson Generator, Spark Plug, Pelton Turbine and many other products are manufactured and sold to a large customer base throughout India.

Apart from these 10 categories, a range of categories is there that fall under electronics and electrical industry. Let’s take a look:

  • Light Bulb, Lamp & Lighting Fixtures
  • LED Display Board & Light Boxes
  • Electrical and Electronic Gadgets
  • Solar & Renewable Energy Products
  • CD, DVD, MP3 & Audio Video Players
  • Street, Flood and Commercial Lights
  • Electric Circuit Components & Spares
  • Electrical Conduits and Fittings
  • Speakers, Earphones and Accessories
  • Electric Fittings & Components
  • GPS and Navigation Devices
  • Cables & Wiring Components
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting
  • Indoor Lights & Lighting Accessories
  • Switches & Switch Boxes
  • Decorative and Party Lights
  • Heater, Thermostat & Heating Devices
  • Process Control Systems & Equipment
  • Diodes & Electronic Active Devices
  • Fuses, Circuit Breakers & Components
  • Insulators & Insulation Materials
  • Electrical & Electronic Test Devices
  • Inverters, UPS and Converters
  • Adaptors, Plugs & Sockets
  • Electrical & Electronic Connectors
  • Home Appliances & Machines
  • Metal and Alloy Wires
  • Electrical Panels & Distribution Box
  • Transformers & Transformer Parts
  • Domestic Water Purifiers & Filters
  • Voltage & Power Stabilizers
  • Optical, Laser Instruments & Devices
  • PCB Modules and Circuit Boards

Key Stats of Electronics and Electrical Industry in India

As per the reports, the electronics production growth rate in India was 5.5% in 2015 which jumped to 26.7% in 2018. While the share of India in the global electronics production was 1.31%, it has jumped to 3% in a few years. CEAMA (Consumer Electronics and Appliances Manufacturers Association) and Frost & Sullivan (a consulting firm) suggested in a report that the consumer electronics industry India has the possibility to grow at 9.5% CAGR till 2021.

Trends and Predictions of Indian Electrical and Electronics Industry

There are a number of trends and predictions that are continuously happening in the Electrical and Electronics industry in India. Let’s take a look at the trends and predictions.

  • The increasing adoption of combined modules like multichip and system-on-chip are making the growth of the electronic component market.
  • Just like in 2018, the active electronic component sector has dominated the market in 2019 as well.
  • The display devices like X-Ray tubes or microwave tubes have been one of the trends.
Future Predictions
  • By 2020, Indian LED market is expected to expand to $35 billion from $0.1 billion in 2012!
  • By 2020, telecom equipment’s demand in India is expected to rise up to $34 billion
  • The international market of electronics components is expected to grow at around 5.6% (compound annual growth rate) from 2019 to 2024.

How Indian Government is Working on the Development of the Industry

The Indian government has been keen to develop the electronics and electrical industry in India. And that is the reason why a number of new policies and developments have been undertaken. Take a look at some developments:

  • MSIPS (Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme) subsidy of 25% of the capital disbursement (20% is SEZs) is accessible. Also, the reimbursement of all CVD/excise paid on capital equipment.
  • Introduction of Electronic Manufacturing Clusters Scheme where the Indian government bears 50% of the cost for the development of common facilities and infrastructure in the greenfield clusters (underdeveloped or undeveloped areas from the viewpoint of electronics manufacturing) and 75% of the cost for Brownfield clusters (areas with existing EMC).
  • Domestically manufactured goods’ preference in the procurement of government where the procurement extent will not be less than 30%.
  • Research, development, and innovation in the electronics sector will get Electronic Development Fund for supporting startups in IP and electronics generation.
  • 3000 PhDs will be generated in the IT/ITES area and the students will be supported financially by the Indian government.
  • Under the automatic route, the Indian Government has allowed 100% FDI in electronics hardware manufacturing sector.

Different Products from Different Segments of Electronics and Electrical Industry

Consumer Electronics: Televisions, Mobile Phones, Set-top Boxes, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Digital Cameras etc.

Industrial Electronics: Automation and Analytical Instruments (A&AI), Test & Measuring Equipment (T&ME), Process Control Equipment (PCE), etc.

Electronic Components: Connectors, Printers, Circuits’ Diodes, Picture Tubes, Transistors, Capacitors, Optical Disks, Resistors, RF Tuners, etc.

Communication & Broadcasting (C&B) Electronics: Modems, IP PBX, Routers, WiMax, Switches, etc.

Strategic Electronics: Radars and Sonars, Navigational Aids, Infra-Red (IR) Based Detection and Ranging System, Military Communication Systems, Electronic Warfare Systems, etc.

Computer Hardware: Tablets, Desktops, Memory Card, Servers, etc.

Automotive Electronics: Connected Mobility and Electric Vehicle

Electronics and Electrical Industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in India at the moment. The market is huge and India seems promising enough to hold a key place in the global market when it comes to the electrical and electronics product manufacturing and selling.

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