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The following page displays suppliers in India for Industrial Supplies. Connect2India filters Indian suppliers on the basis of their products, city, year and other available parameters. You can Find Indian suppliers via our search page. Industrial Supplies and can further be categorized into different subcategories like Oils, Grease & Lubricants , Pipe Bends & Parts , Stamping Tools & Stamping Machine , Plastic & Rubber Products , Carts, Dollies & Trolleys etc. Browse the page below to know about all the categories inside Industrial Supplies and the products that falls within their respective categories.

Industrial Supplies categories

Industrial supplies


The industrial supplies or industrial goods sector comprises of a robust, multi-level and diversified segment of industries that produce capital goods used in construction and manufacturing – which includes making and selling of machinery, equipment and supplies, which are not sold directly to the consumers but rather used to produce other goods. Companies under the industrial goods sector can be of a wide variety, including aerospace and defense, industrial machinery, tools, lumber production, construction, waste management, manufactured housing, and cement, metal fabrication and others.

The industrial goods sector or the capital goods industries in India plays a key role in boosting the economy and contribute 12 per cent to the manufacturing output of the country; thereby providing essential machinery and equipment to various sectors. Industries under the capital goods sector provide modern machineries to manufacturing companies, helping them in enhancing productivity and competitiveness in the global market. Some of the major products manufactured by the industrial goods sector include textile machinery, earthmoving and mining machinery, machine tools, heavy electrical equipment, printing machinery, food processing machinery and others.

In India, the gross fixed capital formation in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at constant prices was estimated at 32.3 percent during Q2 2018-19, while it was 30.8 percent in Q2 2017-18. Also, the industry capacity utilization of the capital goods sector, as reflected by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has increased to 73.8 percent in Q1 Fiscal Year 2019, as compared to 71.2 percent in Q1 Fiscal Year 2018.

The major factor affecting the steady growth of the industrial goods sector in the country includes expansion of increasing demand, and sectoral production by a multiple of 2.5 in the ten years from 2004-05 to 2013-15. Also, facilitative Government policies and aggressive companies have boosted the overseas engagement of the sector; thereby increasing the imports to close to six times – aggregating $18.46 billion in 2013-14.

However, overcapacity in certain segments (power generation), high interest rates, land acquisition issues, a huge slate of stuck/stranded/un-operational projects and other factors has resulted in a prolonged phase of slowdown of the industrial goods sector recently.

Multiple engines that would propel the growth of the industrial goods sector in the coming years include multiple engines like rising demand for infrastructure, robust and facilitative policy support, encouragement to exports and competitive players. There is a need of $4.7 trillion investment in the next five years for the steady growth of the sector. Also, there is a need for the investment of $1.35 trillion for manufacturing and an estimated $1.07 trillion for infrastructure.

The coal production in the country is expected to double by 2020; while the construction equipment market is expected to expand by seven times by 2020, to over $22 billion. The electrical equipment industry is also estimated to cross $100 billion in the next seven to ten years and the Engineering R&D revenues are expected to reach $45 billion in 2020 from $11 billion in 2012.

Furthermore, the Indian government has taken several initiatives to boost the capital goods sector in the country. Some of the major policy supports to the capital goods sector or the industrial goods sector include:

  • The industrial goods sector has been opened up for support by private sectors, including Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).
  • The automatic approval route permits 100 per cent Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).
  • Government has lowered tariffs on capital goods and equipment to nil or 5 per cent in general.
  • There is 15 per cent exemption on tax to companies investing more than Rs 100 crore in plant and machinery.
  • There is 15 per cent exemption on tax to companies investing more than Rs 100 crore in plant and machinery.
  • The government is in the process of establishing advanced centers of excellence for R&D and technology development, to boost the global competitiveness of the capital goods sector.
  • There had been a large number of free trade agreements with ASEAN, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and others.

Categories of Industrial goods

Industrial valves and valve fittings – including products like ball valve ball, ss valve body, compact ball valves, gun metal ferrule cock, electrohydraulic valves, cryogenic solenoid valves, etc.

Engineering and shipping ropes – like galvanized wire rope, packaging ropes, jute rope, pe rope, asbestos gland packing rope, asbestos packings, etc.

Filters and filtration systems – including products like automotive oil filter, compressed air filters, stainless steel bag filter housings, light filter, liquid filters, customized filters, etc.

Forgings, forging parts and supplies – like forged wheels, ball forging, cold forgings, machined flanges, automotive forging, forged components, etc.

Pipe fittings and plumbing fittings – like ductile iron fittings, spiral duct, gauging pig, ppr socket, square plug, y fittings, etc.

Industrial racks and storage system – including products like selective pallet rack, wall mount racks, flat rack, pallet racks, bulk storage racks, pcb storage rack, etc.

PVC, FRP, HDPE and other plastic pipes – like texmo pipes, pvdf pipe, acrylic tube, high pressure nylon tube, PE corrugated pipe, hdpe water pipe, etc.

Industrial air conditioner and devices – like industrial humidifiers, ammonia chiller, cold storage plant, industrial humidification system, air flow capture hoods, ceiling concealed unit, etc.

PVC, IDPE, FDPE and plastic sheets – like acrylic mirror sheet, vulcanized fibre sheets, apet sheet, bakelite sheet, polymer sheet, photopolymer plates, etc.

Pipe elbows, joints and couplings – like mild steel elbow, pvc pipe joint, elbow union, suction hose couplings, tee coupling, butt weld elbow, etc.

Brushes and bristles – like gun brushes, gun cleaning brushes, pipe brushes, premium paint brushes, glue brushes, turk head brush, etc.

Plastic, pvc and pp products – including products like pvc card, pp scrap, dip molded custom grips, plastic bracket, laminated plastics, plastic composites, etc.

Welding rods, electrodes and wires – like welding rods, carbon electrode, saw welding wires, brazing rods, flux cored wire, stainless steel tig filler rod, etc.

Fiber glass products – like frp profile, chopped carbon fiber, woven fiberglass roving, frp machine cover, frp motor covers, epoxy laminated sheets, etc.

Abrasives and grains – like ceramic fiber stones, abrasive cloth, boron carbide powder, non-woven pad, polishing consumables, metal bond abrasive, etc.

Rubber and rubber products – like bus body rubber profiles, rubber strap, rubber stators, styrene block copolymer, rubber clip, rubber parts, etc.

Hoses and hose fittings – like oil suction hose, barbed fittings, petroleum hose, jetting hose, medical hose, engine hose, etc.

Stamping tools and stamping machine – like stamping press, stamping dies, plastic stampings, rubber stamp pad, stamping parts, crno stamping, etc.

Alloy, metal and plastic pipe fittings – like spiral pipe fittings, screwed pipe fittings, flanged tees, tri clover fittings, hydraulic fittings, saddle pipe fittings, etc.

Pumps, pumping machines and spares – like tractors hydraulic pump, peristaltic pump tubing, heavy duty pumps, hydraulic ram, gerotor pump, pto pump, etc.

Separators, strainers and purifiers – like steam separator, plastic strainers, mineral beneficiation plants, stone separator, vibro energy separator, floatation cell, etc.

Carts, dollies and trolleys – like stainless steel tray trolley, crate trolley, box handling trolley, wire mesh container, bobbin trolley, bale trolley, etc.

Enclosures and cabinets – like outdoor enclosure, box enclosures, compact enclosure, ultraviolet cabinets, gabion box, battery enclosures, etc.

Conveyor and transmission belts – like portable belt conveyor, double strand roller chains, slat conveyor base sewing system, air slides, simplex roller chain, gates transmission belts, etc.

Plastic and rubber products – like plastic injection moulded articles, acrylic dome, plastic light guide, polypropylene random copolymer, pvc band, custom plastic parts, etc.

Industrial and engineering goods – like ss cladding roller, rigid couplings, pvc pipe coupling, plastic tower packings, canvas bellows, claw couplings, etc.

Steel pipes and tubes – like galvanized tubes, srbp tubes, high pressure pipe, honed seamless tube, rectangular welded pipe, etc.

Rust and corrosion protection products – like vci desiccant, vci masterbatch, rust remover spray, vci emitter, protective coatings, anti-corrosion products, etc.

Drilling bits, collets and chucks – like slot drill, drilling DTH bits, tricone bit, chucking tools, wood bits, DTH hammer bits, etc.

Heavy and light duty casters and rollers – like dual wheel casters, twin wheel casters, polymer wheels, wheel casters, institutional casters, molded rubber wheels, etc.

Lifting hooks, chains and clamps – like slip hooks, grab bucket, sagging pulley block, rotating hook, chain slings, shackle accessories, etc.

Stained, etched and laminated glass – like antique glass, double glazing glass, crystal white glass, architectural glass, glass block, curved tempered glass, etc.

Flanges and flanged fittings – like inconel flanges, stainless steel blind flange, puddle flanges, flange protectors, flange covers, flange core, etc.

Industrial and machine brushes – like industrial sweeping brush, end brushes, rotary & roller brushes, deburring brushes, telescopic brush, silicone brush, etc.

Wire mesh and gratings – like pultruded fiberglass grating, copper wire mesh, galvanized wire mesh, perforated panel, woven wire cloth, gi wire mesh, etc.

Filter assemblies and spare parts – like transformer oil filtration plant, carbon filters, wire cloth filter, fuel filtration element, filter discs, rotary sifters, etc.

Industrial uniforms and safety wear – like safety gloves, chemical suit, torch helmet, police jacket, industrial safety harness, work shirts, etc.

Pipe bends and parts – like overflow pipe, hex bushing, sanitary pipes, long neck pipe ends, 3d bend pipe, long radius bend, etc.

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